Plight of Afghani women  All Women and girls including those with disabilities have become even more vulnerable during the Taliban’s rule. Work and school are banned for them and disability financial supports are non-existent. This is despite the ratification of the Convention on the
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Breathless Tales By Ari Ciment MD This anthology isn’t just a collection of memoirs: it’s a journey through the intricate tapestry of the healthcare system. Breathless tales by Dr. Ari Ciments, take readers into the hospital. seamlessly merging storytelling and medical knowledge into a comprehensive and accessible narrative. At its core, this book celebrates the […]
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Thumbs up…to Brazil’s climate change efforts that have resulted in the rate of deforestation in the Amazon rainforest being halved in 2023—the lowest rate in 5 year. Often described as the lungs of the planet, due to its ability to absorb much of our atmosphere’s CO2. While it’s not yet enough, this is certainly a […]
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Between the vegetables and the greeting cards the pharmacy has become a catch all for healthcare consumers, encouraged by our governments. Whether it’s as the new “ one-stop-shop for common ailments program” or over the counter remedies, the drill is “ask a pharmacist”.    With ER’s and family doctor’s offices bursting at the seams, Sylvia […]
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Five outstanding young Canadians “Making Canada and the world accessible and inclusive is an important vision that is characterized by the ultramarathon of social change that transcends generations. It’s vital that our future difference makers be identified, recognized, supported and encouraged as we pass the flame of leadership and innovation to their capable hands. I’m
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Inclusion, accommodation and change A recent three-year study set out to explore how big societal changes will positively impact the inclusion of young people with disabilities as they step into the working world. Work is changing fast. Influenced by shifts in society, technology, economics, environment, and politics, these changes aren’t just shaping how we work, […]
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The secret to better rural healthcare Studies show that paying doctors to visit rural areas has been shown to be a cost-effective way to mitigate cardiologist shortages. However, “windshield” time (2 – 3 hours of driving time a day), is not just a lost opportunity to see patients but there is the additional cost of […]
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Displaced kids flashlights Launched on kickstarter in early 2023, UK social enterprise Ambessa Play debuted its battery free DIY flashlight featuring ten parts and 16 build steps. Displaced children were engaged in the design process as a reminder that all children possess untapped ideas and inventiveness capable of creating the new technologies we’ll need.  Note: […]
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Your wheelchair that is!  By Natasha Way Studies have shown that recreation can shape social behaviour, overall satisfaction and feature very positively in the lives of care home residents. Those who take part in activities confirm that they have more to look forward to, enjoy increased social interaction and report less loneliness. Not only do […]