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Sharing commonalities and building solidarity By Natasha Way A safe space for those who have been impacted by loss, intergenerational trauma and cultural erasure. In the BIPOC (black, Indigenous, people of colour) community, we are taught to hold in and suppress our emotions more often than not. We learn very early on that society won’t […]
Healthcare Top Stories
How to care for the stubborn, the determined, and the inflexible    By Anjolina Rankin-West Health professionals and family members often struggle to move decision-making forward. We know that providing care can be a big responsibility with unique challenges. But just how many of us are exasperated when trying to support individuals who are grumpy, […]
Healthcare Top Stories
If someone experiences depression, what is the impact on the length of their future working life? That was the question asked by the team of Institute for Work & Health (IWH) scientists on a recent study, now published in Social Psychiatry & Psychiatric Epidemiology. The answer? It depends on how, and when, someone experiences depression. The study found, […]
Innovators Top Stories
Two occupational therapy (OT) students from the College of Rehabilitation Sciences, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences have developed a training camp that promotes confidence and a sense of community for children who use wheelchairs. The assistive technology program at the Rehabilitation Centre for Children, housed at Specialized Services for Children and Youth in Winnipeg,
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Carry Strong By Stephanie Kramer A ground-breaking approach to successfully navigating your pregnancy at work that transforms your pregnancy into a career opportunity to embrace with confidence. Penguin Random House The Modern Trauma Toolkit By Dr. Christine Gibson  A blueprint for navigating the complex journey of healing after trauma. With concrete strategies that can
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Rehab Science How to Overcome Pain and Heal from Injury By Tom Walters and Glen Cordoza The authors suggest that the body is not fragile. It is strong and adaptable. With the right education, exercise strategies, and mindset, you can figure out what’s wrong and take the first steps toward healing. The  book provides 30 […]
Research Top Stories
The autistic experience of an in person staff meeting  “This meeting could’ve been an e-mail” is a common refrain that I’ve heard a lot.  But many beyond our community do not understand the stress, anxiety, and inner turmoil that participating live  in work meetings causes. Employees often report fear of being judged as not being […]