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Why We Sleep

By Matthew Walker An eye-opening reflection, Why We Sleep reflects on sleep deprivation and its adverse effects, including reduced productivity, unhappiness and an increased

You Can’t Ask That: Canadian TV show asks the unaskable

Why are you blind? Do you ever use your disability as an excuse to skip to the front of the line? What’s wrong with your face? Can you have sex? Tourette’s is just tics and

Emotions: more of a focus in dementia care

By Kevin Spurgaitis Wandering, hallucinations—and anxiety-fuelled outbursts associated with sundown syndrome—are the most common dementia behaviours. And they can be serious

What we’re reading: A selection from Rehab’s editors

Toward the elimination of cervical cancer In Canada, human papillomavirus (HPV) causes 99 per cent of all cervical cancers, and one in four women diagnosed will die from

Empathy Person-Centredness and Social Connection

By Jane Teasdale Empathy is a complex, multidimensional, social and neurological process that has evolved and been naturally selected in humans over millions of years. In

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