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Scientist Reduces Barriers in the Laboratory

“I want to make science more accessible to students,” says Soong. “If a student with a disability wants to do an experiment, it should be a positive experience and they

Gina’s story

By Parkinson Canada It was late 2013 and Gina Lupino, 36 at the time, slept for three weeks straight, recovering from pneumonia. Gina suspected that something was not quite

Learning About Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

By Melanie Langille We live in a world where synthetic chemicals surround us and chances are, we come in contact with hundreds of them every day. Many (like medicines) are

Episodic health conditions

By Monique Gignac When I give presentations on chronic conditions and their impact on work, one question comes up again and again: “Should I tell my employer I have a chronic

Innovators: A pig called Gertrude and “a bionic eye”

The future of neural engineering looks promising for use in rehabilitation and treatment with a number of companies racing to human trials with neural implants that use

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