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A rural doctor takes on a new patient; herself

After continually caring for others, I’m cutting back. I must respect the pain I’ve long carried. By Judy Dercksen I zip up my fleece even as I savour the early morning chill

‘Tainted kids,’ and other odd phrases…    

By Dalmeet Singh Chawla There is a growing movement to improve scholarly publishing and pushing back on the use of tortured phrases is step one. In April, developmental

Long COVID: Lifting the brain fog

By Dr. Henry Mahncke There are new findings from a group of population health researchers exploring the long-term effects of having had COVID with a long list of symptoms

The non-profit labour force is in trouble

By Cathy Taylor Non-profits and their workers across this country are at the forefront of helping communities survive and thrive. They are committed to serving their

Falling through the cracks

Canada’s health data infrastructure can be deadly but we can still build a world-class system By Teri Price May 19 2022, was the 10-year anniversary of my brother Greg’s

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