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Together We Stand

Canada has a long and proud history of serving abroad to make the world a better place. In 2018, Canada deployed over 2,000 Canadian Forces members in a variety of missions to

PSWs: At the Centre of Caring

At the centre of caring for the person-centred whole lies the personal support worker By Jane Teasdale There is a long-developing crisis in home and community care. Last year,

Editor’s Choice: Mismatch

By Kat Holmes A leader in advancing inclusive development for some of the most influential technologies in the world, Kat Holmes calls on industry leaders and designers to

Research Round Up

Real life versus gaming Brain scans show us that the limbic system does not distinguish well between real-life stimuli and virtual realities accessible on modern-day digital

Redesigning Cities to Fight Loneliness

Half a million Japanese people claim to be suffering from social isolation. The UK recently appointed a minister for loneliness, the first in the world. In Australia, Victoria

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