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Cutting edge disease tracking system tested by the Hajj One of the largest and most diverse gatherings of people in the world is to become a laboratory for a high-tech

Bridging Generations to Enhance Quality of Life

Depression and feelings of isolation are common among seniors with dementia and meaningful social interactions can make a big difference. By bringing together seniors and

Mapping the Social and Emotional

A bigger-picture solution for social isolation? By Jane Teasdale As a social species, we have strong social and emotional dimensions to our psyches that impact mental and

Seeing is Believing: Time for Cataract Surgery

I cleaned my glasses again: Not much improvement. When I got into my car I spray cleaned them—only to find that the road and signs still weren’t much clearer. I went back to a

The Benefits of Targeted Memory Reactivation

By Claudia Picard-Deland Sleep is instrumental for consolidating memory and integrating new learning. A growing body of research shows that it is possible to artificially

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