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The Fight Against Aging

Getting old may have to wait a while longer, after a study by the Salk Institute has discovered a way to reduce ageing-associated toxins at a cellular level. Salk scientists,

Editor’s Choice: The Women’s Brain Book

By Sarah McKay Understanding how the brain grows and changes through the stages of life is key to health and well-being. In this book, Dr. Sarah McKay describes what happens

Why is Canada’s Refugee Health Care Still Falling Short?

By Kevin Spurgaitis Mariam Tadesse was 12 years old when she fled her home country of Eritrea. Within a month of arriving in Canada, and while living in a Toronto refugee

Dance like Nobody’s Watching

Too often, fear of failure and criticism from others stops us from achieving our goals or living our dreams. And sometimes loss, depression and grief take us to a quiet place

Living with Epilepsy: Beyond the Diagnosis

“ I’ve been in the business world most of my life. My seizures began when I turned thirty. I made the mistake of having my first seizure while standing by a lake, by myself.

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