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Tool helps workers with chronic conditions find job-tailored accommodations   

The Job Demands and Accommodation Planning Tool identifies job supports that workers can implement — on their own or with their supervisor’s approval — that allow them to keep

I suffer from the world’s most beautiful disease, and also the most expensive to treat

My name is Antonio and I suffer from spinal muscular atrophy (SMA, for friends). My life expectancy was only a few years when I was born, almost half a century ago.

Swimming with The Water Strider 

Few words are needed to understand the essence of the Water Strider Float, the smiles of children safely enjoying time in the water with their families tell the whole story.

A provincial remedy to the excesses of medical assisted suicide

Decriminalizing “Medical Assistance in Dying” (MAiD) in 2016 apparently confirmed a powerful social bias in favour of personal freedom. Presented as a free choice—affecting no

The income gap and ‘Deaths of Despair’ among the young

Mental health risks rise in places where incomes are most unequal, a study finds. Income inequality has been linked to poor physical and mental health in past research, but

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