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Researching the connection between music and movement

By Dr. Jessica Grahn With both Music Therapy Awareness month and Brain Awareness Week having taken place earlier this year, we wanted to explore the connection between music,

Evicted while hospitalized now homeless

For some vulnerable seniors in BC, a hospital stay can lead to having nowhere to live. By Jen St. Denis In December 2021, Athanios Collias collapsed at a SkyTrain station in

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Personalized medicine considers race, genetics, and environment By Bhawani Jain We all have different genetics and backgrounds, so why should we all receive identical medical

Heading for a loneliness crisis?

The National Institute on Aging’s latest report titled: “Understanding Social Isolation and Loneliness Among Older Canadians and How to Address it” issues a stark

Caring for LGBTQ+ patients:

Tips for creating a welcoming practice  By Laura Dan and Dr. Cyndi Gilbert Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, two-spirit, intersex, asexual, plus (LGBTQ2SIA+)

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