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Time to cure what ails 

By Maria Lily Shaw The need to reform our health-care system has long been a hot topic of debate. After all, Canada is an easy target: It has one of the highest price tags

Sexuality at end of life

In the terminal stages of illness and at the end of life, sexuality is often not considered important by health care providers. While the need or ability to participate in

Preparing early career researchers in digital health solutions for older adults

A new federally-funded national training platform will equip graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and early career researchers to accelerate the delivery of digital health

New technology helps reduce malnutrition

A food-tracking AI system designed to combat malnutrition and improve overall health in long-term care homes automatically records and monitors how much food residents

Welcome Home

Priority Assistance to Transition Home (PATH)  By Paige Stewart  Canadian Red Cross, PATH program assists Ontario seniors who do not have a support system close by with the

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