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New 4 You

Tover Magic Table Promising to harness “the power of purposeful play” through its interactive light projector, this is a gaming system designed for people with dementia and

The trouble with “resiliency”

It is time to get to the root causes of health care worker burnout By Irving Gold Over the last several years, there has been an increasing recognition that burnout is rising

What We’re Reading

Poor psychosocial working conditions  A new Institute for Work and Health study finds risks of burnout and stress greatly increased for the 1 in 10 Canadian workers who find

Lessons for the next pandemic: 

We need better data  By Peter Smith, Andrew Curran and Letitia Davis From the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, public health agencies around the world failed to collect the

Canada needs a national aging strategy that includes older women

By Paula Rochon and Surbhi Kalia There are now more than 6.8 million older adults in Canada. By 2026, we expect our country to become a super-aged society, where 20 per cent

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