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The reality of Ontario’s jails and the “Bell Let’s Talk” campaign

By Michael Spratt If you believe the corporate marketing spin, Bell Canada is a leading voice on reducing the stigma and harms associated with mental illness, because every

An office with a view: New data drives employee wellness initiatives

With fierce competition for talent, Canadian employers need to re-evaluate what having a healthy workplace environment entails, and how to use it as a recruiting tool.

Planning for older age and disability – Or a complex, rich, vibrant and evolving life experience?

By Jane Teasdale Planning for later life and potential frailty or “disability” is something we might all prefer to put off. It is inevitable you might say, so why make the

The bariatric client: Power wheelchair assessment and prescription

By Cathy Choi Bariatric clients often have comorbidities that cause added complexity for prescribing therapists. In the current health care climate, therapists may find


By Cathryn Jakobson Ramin Written by veteran investigative journalist, Cathryn Jakobson after a six-year personal journey to find ways to alleviate her own chronic back pain,

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