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Observations in Armed Forces report: Disturbing, inhuman but not new

By Cathy Barrick Canadians are expressing anger, frustration, and profound sadness at the observations made in a Canadian Armed Forces recent report. No one should have to

Playing Big

By Tara Mohr For women who are interested in learning how to successfully assert their way into a leadership role—or even how to simply be bold in their work

Explain Pain

By David S. Butler and G. Lorimer Moseley This title is a must-read for any physical therapist who treats chronic pain patients. It will help contextualize your patients’

Dare to Lead

By Brené Brown This book recommendation is for the leaders and owners in a PT practice or rehab organization. Dare to Lead is chock full of insight about workplace culture.

How to Treat Your Own Achilles Tendon

By Paula Clayton Written by senior performance therapist to Olympians, Paula Clayton, How to Treat Your Own Achilles Tendon is a comprehensive guide that will end the literal

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