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Living with Epilepsy: Beyond the Diagnosis

“ I’ve been in the business world most of my life. My seizures began when I turned thirty. I made the mistake of having my first seizure while standing by a lake, by myself.

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Abolition of Aging David Wood suggests that there is a 50% chance that, by the year 2040, rejuvenation therapies will be widely available that will allow all of us to remain


Window wellness To combat the difficulties caused by unrelentingly darkness during the winter, Swedish pharmacy Apotek Hjartat has turned its store window signage into a light

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Cutting edge disease tracking system tested by the Hajj One of the largest and most diverse gatherings of people in the world is to become a laboratory for a high-tech

Bridging Generations to Enhance Quality of Life

Depression and feelings of isolation are common among seniors with dementia and meaningful social interactions can make a big difference. By bringing together seniors and

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