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Early death rates linked to lower income and education

Despite overall decline, early death rate differences have widened between people with high and low income and education. By Uyen Vu Although death rates have fallen across

The Leading Edge: Is there something in the air?

As anyone who has experienced a bad smell can likely tell you, experiencing odour can be unpleasant. Historically, we have treated smells as a “nuisance” rather than something

Primary care: The need for innovation

By G. Bartlett, C. Paquet, A. Issa, A. Adams, L. Dube Deficits in coordinating care with timely flow of information. Delayed access to specialists. Long wait times for

Pain, pain, won’t go away

A Spanish study suggests that factors such as job insecurity, more people living in the same dwelling, loss of someone to COVID-19, and worries about the future and fear of

Women must be at the forefront of post-pandemic recovery

By Dr. Ann Collins Since the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic on March 11, 2020, millions of people have lost their lives. Millions more have seen their

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