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Lack of darker skin in textbooks harms care In dermatology, where images are critical for diagnoses, the lack of images of darker skin poses a roadblock to both proper

Digital technology to support informal caregivers

A University of Toronto research team is exploring the complexities and subtle influence of sex and gender when it comes to the creation and adoption of technology solutions

Back home, SAFE and sound: New level of care for frail seniors improves outcomes

SAFE – Sub-Acute Care for Frail Elderly – is a 20-bed program in Ottawa designed for frail seniors recovering in hospital from surgery or short-term illnesses. Eligible

Learning about dementia

By Dr. Richard Sztramko and Dr. Anthony Levinson In 2018, the Alzheimer’s Society reported that over 500,000 Canadians were living with dementia, and 25,000 new cases are

Respiratory therapy: A life-saver for COVID long-haulers

By Michael Oreskovich Bibi overcame a 44-day battle with COVID-19 before being admitted to Runnymede Healthcare Centre for rehabilitation in July 2020. During her stay in

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