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Displaced kids flashlights Launched on kickstarter in early 2023, UK social enterprise Ambessa Play debuted its battery free DIY flashlight featuring ten parts and 16 build

Ready, set, race…

Your wheelchair that is!  By Natasha Way Studies have shown that recreation can shape social behaviour, overall satisfaction and feature very positively in the lives of


Books Nurturing boys to be better men By Dr. Shelly Flais  This is an evidence based book that’s full of conversation starting questions, age-based suggestions for books to

Highest rates of burnout:

Disabled, racialized medical students at risk  By Louise Kinross Last year a groundbreaking study found that Black people in American counties with more Black primary-care

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Begin with children  Caused by systemic underinvestment in healthcare, “never events” have become normal as young people have challenges accessing essential, time

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