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The Brain That Changes Itself

By Norman Doidge The science of neuroplasticity challenges the old notion that the human brain is immutable. Here, psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Dr. Norman Doidge writes

When parents’ hope and rehab truths clash

By Louise Kinross Sarah Davidson is an occupational therapist at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital. For 14 years she’s worked with children having complex medical

The 10-Day Plan to Nourish & Glow

The 10-Day Plan to Nourish & Glow By Amelia Freer Join Amelia Freer as she shares her polished practices in working with celebrities such as James Corden and Victoria

Back to Gardening: Active rehab twice a day pays off By Carla Wintersgill

In May 2019, 81-year-old Blanka Prasnjak slipped and fell down the staircase to her basement. Alone, unable to stand and in extreme pain, she managed to pull herself up the


Readmissions . linked to disruptive hospital stays Hospital patients who experience disturbed sleep, low physical activity, missed meals and stress during their stay are more

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