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Observations in Armed Forces report: Disturbing, inhuman, but not new

By Cathy Barrick Canadians are expressing anger, frustration, and profound sadness at the observations made in a Canadian Armed Forces recent report. No one should have to

Over 72% of COVID-19 treatments are at pre-clinical or discovery stages, says GlobalData

A large number of COVID-19 treatment options (620 novel and repurposed drugs as of mid-May) have joined the drug development pipeline, with over 72% of these drugs in

Is Measuring Health Span More Realistic?

By Caroline Tapp-McDougall Want to live a longer life in good health? We’ve all heard of the need to make behavioural changes like quitting smoking, exercising, or reducing

Living with Epilepsy: Beyond the Diagnosis

“ I’ve been in the business world most of my life. My seizures began when I turned thirty. I made the mistake of having my first seizure while standing by a lake, by myself.

Bridging Generations to Enhance Quality of Life

Depression and feelings of isolation are common among seniors with dementia and meaningful social interactions can make a big difference. By bringing together seniors and

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