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Do we face a future without Down syndrome?

By Kevin Spurgaitis It’s a cloudless, sun-drenched evening in June as Alison and Jeff Senior, together with their three-year-old, Kira, arrive for Kira’s junior kindergarten

Feline friends in long-term care

The first time I came across a pet in a medical facility was years ago on a trip to Northern Ontario. I had been invited to tour a local nursing home by the proud director. By

Inventor’s dream for Smart Pushchair made real by students

34-year-old UK resident Ramona Williams was looking for solutions in her everyday life when she dreamt up the new Smart Baby Buggy. Several lifelong eye conditions, including

Ultrathin skin display holds promise

Ultrathin skin display holds promise Recognizing the need to provide wearable solutions for self care and enhanced information access from the home—especially for the aging

What is aspiration?

When food goes down the wrong pipe By Ashleigh Townley, Rebecca Perlin and Joanne Downing Mealtimes can be great opportunities for families to sit down together, socialize and

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