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PODCAST Getting “unconfused” about Alzheimer’s By Bill Gates It isn’t easy to deal with tough topics and find humour in them but somehow, Gates does it with guests Seth Rogen


Persons with disabilities earn less  On average, there’s a 21.4% pay gap between persons with and without disabilities. Infact, they earn 79 cents to every dollar earned

Retrofitting: A viable option

Cost-effective accessibility improvements for schools and offices The Rick Hansen Foundation (RHF) and architecture and design firm HCMA have published a one-hundred page

One hub at a time

Improving healthcare for women and gender diverse people To mobilize and scale-up newly generated and existing knowledge and models of care, maximize the impact of research

Workers are using cannabis 

to treat work-related conditions, mostly without medical guidance While cannabis is often used recreationally, there is growing interest in its use for therapeutic purposes,

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