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The Plan

By Lyn-Genet Recitas New York Times author and nutrition expert Lyn-Genet Recitas gives us the surprising truth behind the “healthy” foods that are causing weight gain. Her

Patient and Family-Centred Care Case Studies

By Cathy Fooks When The Change Foundation started its work in patient engagement in 2010, it was a bit of an uphill battle. Though many health care organizations were excited

Workplace Stress: What You Need to Know

By Paula Allen If you have experienced stress in your life, you are not alone. Whether the result of an unexpected trauma or increased workload, one thing that is for certain

Belt On, Phone Off: The NZ Transport Agency’s No-Bull Campaign

Each year, 1.25 million people worldwide die in road crashes—an average of 3,207 deaths a day, according to the World Health Organization. (In Canada, the numbers show that

Slow Death by Rubber Duck

By Rick Smith and Bruce Lourie This landmark book about the toxicity of everyday life has been updated, revised and re-issued for its 10th anniversary, and now includes

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