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How my definition of privacy changed as a mom of a medically complex child

By Kelly Cervantes After a typical morning of physical therapy, a visit from the palliative care team, and an oxygen tank delivery, I closed our front door and briefly

Caring for an older person with urinary incontinence

Bridging the gap between evidence-based and current practice in long-term care By Ann Catrine Eldh Many people, in particular those becoming older, suffer from involuntary

The new, but old, housing trend

Intergenerational living is becoming increasingly popular with Canadians as a household arrangement in which people from different generations live together under the same


The price of alcohol use High social welfare and health care costs are associated with alcohol disorders—but what causes them? A new study, based on a Bayesian network model

What is a donor, (or a charity), to do?

The charitable sector is an integral part of our economy and lives, but it is often left out of important conversations. According to sector watchdog, Imagine Canada’s latest

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