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Books Nurturing boys to be better men By Dr. Shelly Flais  This is an evidence based book that’s full of conversation starting questions, age-based suggestions for books to read and movies to watch and discuss along with tips for addressing specific hurdles like division of physical and emotional labour. Flais, who is a paediatrician, uses […]
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Disabled, racialized medical students at risk  By Louise Kinross Last year a groundbreaking study found that Black people in American counties with more Black primary-care doctors live longer, yet research shows that Black medical students have higher rates of burnout than white students, which means they’re at risk of leaving the field. Recently, a new […]
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Begin with children  Caused by systemic underinvestment in healthcare, “never events” have become normal as young people have challenges accessing essential, time sensitive services. Unlike our European counterparts, France, UK and Sweden who invest almost 4% of GDP to policies and investments Canada dedicates but 1.68 % to children and youth. With untenable backlogs
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Wearable airbag vest Seeing mind-boggling fall statistics and their ramifications for older adults around the world, a Chinese start-up has spent more than 5 years perfecting an algorithm that predicts whether a sudden movement will result in a person falling. The result—a wearable vest that houses a fast activating airbag. When a fall is detected, […]
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University Health Network, Canada’s largest research hospital, has become the first hospital in the country to appoint a Chief Artificial Intelligence (AI) Scientist. The appointment of Dr. Bo Wang, whose primary research areas are machine learning, computational biology and computer vision, builds upon the launch earlier this year of UHN’s AI Hub. Designed to augment […]
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Zero tolerance for abuse Government leaders suggest they are “fixing long-term care” to ensure Ontario’s seniors get the quality of care and quality of life they need and deserve after the horrific outcomes that occurred during the pandemic. The plan is said to be built on four pillars: staffing and care; quality and enforcement; building […]
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A Picture of Health CANADA – A new device called Swift Ray 1 is making identifying infection significantly less time consuming. Run from a smartphone/tablet, it allows for imaging of wounds to identify infection. Swift Ray 1 connects to software by taking medical-grade photographs, infrared thermography images and bacterial fluorescence images.  Addiction on the Brain […]
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PODCAST Getting “unconfused” about Alzheimer’s By Bill Gates It isn’t easy to deal with tough topics and find humour in them but somehow, Gates does it with guests Seth Rogen and Laren Miller Rogan. After investing millions into new testing, Gates is also determined to be part of the worldwide solution to both raise awareness […]