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Rehab Science

How to Overcome Pain and Heal from Injury

By Tom Walters and Glen Cordoza

The authors suggest that the body is not fragile. It is strong and adaptable. With the right education, exercise strategies, and mindset, you can figure out what’s wrong and take the first steps toward healing. The  book provides 30 programs for the most common pain and injuries in every body region and provides ways to prevent ongoing flareups.

Victory Belt Publishing

Built To Move

By Juliet and Kelly Starrett

The ten essential habits to help people move freely and live fully are presented here in simple proven physical practices. It’s full of foundational wisdom for everyone from beginners to professional athletes and everyone in between. 


Palliative care is….

By PAC Action Team 

From the University of Victoria comes a seven chapter, 90-guide that adapts a palliative care approach to setting where people are living and dying in contexts of inequity. The is a unique, collective response to death, dying and grief in the inner city for an audience of workers providing care in housing, drop-ins, shelters and on the streets where mainstream health services are often out of reach. 

Super Aging

By David Cravit and Larry Wolf

Cravit and Wolf want us to thrive in later life so everything we’ve been taught about aging is about to be challenged. And, according to their research and new ways of thinking, Super Agers will find  that this  can be the most productive and fulfilling time in life.  


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