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Getting “unconfused” about Alzheimer’s

By Bill Gates

It isn’t easy to deal with tough topics and find humour in them but somehow, Gates does it with guests Seth Rogen and Laren Miller Rogan. After investing millions into new testing, Gates is also determined to be part of the worldwide solution to both raise awareness and reduce stigma.


Web Site Cuso International

A Canadian-based charity working to end poverty and inequality across the globe. Cuso provides strategic programming focused on building inclusive economic opportunities and increasing access to education.


Roadmap to Caregiving

Learning to navigate and deal with the reality of caregiving for someone with mental illness and/or addictions is unique.

TED Talk

A powerful new neurotech tool for augmenting your mind

By Conor Russomanno

In an astonishing talk and tech demo, neurotechnologist Russomanno shares his work building brain-computer interfaces that could enable us to control the external world with our minds. He discusses the quickly advancing possibilities of this field — including the promise of a “closed-loop system” that could both record and stimulate brain activity—and invites neuro-hacker Christian Bayerlein onto the TED stage to fly a mind-controlled drone.

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