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CANADA – A new device called Swift Ray 1 is making identifying infection significantly less time consuming. Run from a smartphone/tablet, it allows for imaging of wounds to identify infection. Swift Ray 1 connects to software by taking medical-grade photographs, infrared thermography images and bacterial fluorescence images. 

Addiction on the Brain

USA – A neglected brain region could play a critical role in how likely a person with an addiction is to relapse. Researchers discovered the supplementary motor cortex could be a new target for therapeutics. The region has never gotten much attention in addiction research and could change the way we treat addiction by using less invasive methods. 

Realities of VR For Intellectual Disabilities

AUSTRALIA – Researchers at Flinders University developed a virtual-reality based programme to encourage people with intellectual disabilities to exercise regularly. According to Dr June Alexander most Australians with developmental disabilities are not meeting the globally recommended minimum amounts of physical activity. This is related to the tendency to avoid exercise from low motivation and limited access to fitness services. Now with cost of VR systems dropping, potential barriers are reduced. This research is a step forward using an engaging way to stay active while increasing likelihood of sticking to a routine. 

Links Between Autism Diagnosis and Gender

GREAT BRITAIN – Researchers from Edge Hill University have discovered gender bias may influence how females experience autism may hinder identification of autistic females. Males are three times more likely to be diagnosed early due to a predisposition to associate autistic traits with males. While females have a higher rate of diagnosis, they are likely to be diagnosed in adulthood rather than childhood. Systemic discrimination poses risks for younger women remaining undiagnosed, impacting well-being and ability to ‘fit in’.

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