Color & Control:

One hub at a time

Improving healthcare for women and gender diverse people

To mobilize and scale-up newly generated and existing knowledge and models of care, maximize the impact of research and build capacity for the next generation of women’s health researchers, 10 virtual hubs are being created across Canada in a joint initiative between CIHR and WAGE.

The hubs will have a co-ordinating centre and be part of what’ll be referred to as the Pan Canadian Women’s health coalition and they will focus on a number of key priority areas such as the health of Indigenous People, gender -diverse people, women living with HIV and women who are incarcerated. Reproductive health, prevention of violence against women and girls and achieving greater equity in health services are also areas of focus.

The initiative goes beyond the exe and gender binary and welcomes the experiences and needs of all people who identify as a woman, girl, intersex, and/or an under represented gender identity including but not limited to Two-Sprit trans, non-binary, gender fluid and agender.

The announcement listed the following 10 principle investigators that were each funded with approximately $800,000.

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