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Carry Strong

By Stephanie Kramer

A ground-breaking approach to successfully navigating your pregnancy at work that transforms your pregnancy into a career opportunity to embrace with confidence.

Penguin Random House

The Modern Trauma Toolkit

By Dr. Christine Gibson 

A blueprint for navigating the complex journey of healing after trauma. With concrete strategies that can also be harnessed for growth. Practical with forty activities this book empowers readers to understand how their bodies respond to stress and equips them with tools to reshape their reflexes.

Hachette Go

Change Enthusiasm

By Cassandra Worthy

A playbook for embracing change and developing your resilience muscle. Cassandra’s practical yet inspiring strategies inspire readers to find their own unique power during turbulent times. Using insights gleaned from her life, those of her clients, as well as the tools and exercises she has refined over the years make this a read that redefines your relationship with change.

Hay House Business

TED Talk

Why nurses are key to medical innovation

By Ben Gran

Nurses represent the front line of health care — from first breaths to last moments, and everything in between. But there’s a vital place nurses are missing in action, suggests Gran who is a nurse himself. During his inspiring talk, Gran makes a compelling case for integrating the nursing profession’s insights and experience into health tech innovation to help improve care and the process of providing it.

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