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Retirement independence redefined

When it comes to local housing inventory there are few “decent” options especially for older adults who want future proof their lifestyles and don’t fancy moving to a traditional retirement facility.

Penguin Living apartments are a new unique and affordable home for seniors who want a safe and independent place to live. Guy Solomon, is spreading the word about an innovative alternative that has revolutionized the downsizing option for Canada’s senior’s.

Customized independence 
“These homes are designed for seniors who want to keep living on their own terms. You can cook, have visitors, and even get help from support workers or nurses if you need it” suggests Solomon. The Penguin Living team has taken over a year to learn and design a new apartment style that meets the needs of today’s baby boomers who want to stay put in their communities and keep active with friends and family.

How it works
Penguin’s solution is one that combines old and new – existing with modern. Penguin Living can transform any home into three easy-to-live-in units: a garden home and two separate apartments in an existing bungalow home. They are looking to do this in every community in Ontario.

Maintained by Penguin
Each apartment is designed to be beautiful and accessible. They have added elevator access directly into the apartments, which accommodates anybody’s mobility challenges. Each apartment has its own private outdoor patio area which is accessible by walker or wheelchair for true independence. Should you choose to use the stairs, they have been designed with a low height step to keep them safe. Access to the apartments is done with electronic keypads to ensure that you won’t be fumbling for keys and for ease and convenience. 

Comfort, safety and style
The colours and design are chosen to be stylish and easy to see even if you have some vision loss. The kitchen is equipped with appliances that are easy to reach and use, like a dishwasher drawer and a microwave/convection oven.

The kitchen is sleek and simple. If you have accessible need, you’ll be able to roll a wheelchair under the entire countertop which includes a side access faucet, a custom 5” depth sink, ample counter space and a high-efficiency 4 burner induction cooktop. 

The kitchen might be the most impressive part. Starting with a Fisher & Paykel dishwasher drawer, for ease of use. The microwave and convection oven, capable of cooking a roast at 500f (260c).

Last but not least, the kitchen features pull-down double shelves where one can place cookware and general storage. There are also options for completely electronic shelving at the push of a button.

Hidden behind what you can see is plenty of innovation in the energy efficiency of the home, and the ability to set up the apartment for each resident in the way that they may need.

Home sweet home
The bathrooms have no steps, wider doors, and helpful features like grab bars. The showers are easy to walk into without any barriers. The modern design, is appealing to the eye and the contrasting colours are consistent with the rest of the home. 

Each bedroom and living room are fitted with its own temperature-controlled heating and cooling system. These heating system air filters for clean air.

The magic behind this downsizing option says Solomon, “your home can be designed, for your needs today, and can be modified easily as your needs change in the future, meaning this can be the home you can love and grow with.”

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