• Outdoor Clothing Company on a Mission

    Outdoor Clothing Company on a Mission

    Toad&Co has a mission it’s promoted by hiring people with disabilities and then sending them on memorable vacations. Read More

  • Re-learning Healthy Living

    Re-learning Healthy Living

    As a researcher with the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Alberta, Dr. Doug Klein is focused on improving the lifestyle habits of Canadians. Read More

  • Our Healthcare System

    Our Healthcare System

    When you think about it, it does seem obvious that patients and families should be at the centre of their own health care. Read More

  • What Matters for Ontarians

    What Matters for Ontarians

    Quality in Primary Care is the first report featuring Health Quality Ontario's new primary care performance measures. Read More

  • When the Dust Finally Settles

    When the Dust Finally Settles

    I’d like to share some strategies we’ve used to manage and cope with the consequences of ongoing caregiving while preserving our balance, optimism, resilience, and zest for life. Read More

  • The Driving and Dementia Toolkit

    The Driving and Dementia Toolkit

    Driving a car is a complex task that requires many skills and abilities, including a good understanding of road safety rules, road signs and traffic signals; good vision; and quick reflexes and excellent reaction times. A good memory and the ability to exercise judgement, including an awareness of one’s limitations, are key. Read More

  • Need a Better Nights Sleep?

    Need a Better Nights Sleep?

    Morning routines are all the buzz these days. Everyone has one, good or bad. Read More

  • Reduce Future Moral Distress

    Reduce Future Moral Distress

    Many of you will have come to know about ethics because of a case you have been involved in or heard about. Read More

  • Caregiver Burnout

    Caregiver Burnout

    Jennifer is into her fourth year as a full-time caregiver to her husband, who has suffered several strokes, and also to her mother, who has extreme arthritis and mobility issues. Read More

  • Dealing with an Angry Person

    Dealing with an Angry Person

    It’s never fun to deal with an angry person, whether we’re talking about a hothead who’s quick to anger or a chronically angry grouse. Read More

  • Skills Exchange

    Skills Exchange

    In an environment in which resources are limited and poor hiring outcomes mean more than just lost revenue, finding the right candidates for the right roles is critical. Read More

  • Return-To-Work With Complex Injuries

    Return-To-Work With Complex Injuries

    The study identified the challenges faced by health-care providers and case managers when it came to the role of health-care providers in return to work. Read More

  • Work-Related Limitations

    Work-Related Limitations

    A study published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine in early 2017 examined differences between women and men with respect to their work-activity limitations. Read More

  • Beef and Bacon Controversy

    Beef and Bacon Controversy

    Who can you trust? The media isn’t always the most reliable when it comes to public health and safety. Read More

  • Reducing Bullying

    Reducing Bullying

    More than a fifth children aged 12–18 years say they have been bullied at school within the last month—and a significant portion of those children have disabilities. Read More

  • Dementia Care

    Dementia Care

    This is a watershed moment in our history. Canada is recognized as a world leader in dementia research. It now has a real opportunity to position itself as a leader in dementia care. Read More

  • Home Care Services...

    Home Care Services...

    ive years ago, at the relatively young age of 60, my husband suffered a stroke that left him profoundly disabled. Read More

  • Multiple Sclerosis

    Multiple Sclerosis

    “Our trial is the first to show the complete, long-term suppression of all inflammatory activity in people with MS,” said Dr. Atkins. Read More

  • Clowning Around

    Clowning Around

    Helen Donnelly is Holland Bloorview’s Dr. Flap—a therapeutic clown in a trademark aviator hat with goggles, a white medical coat and a red nose. Read More

  • Compassionate  Communication

    Compassionate Communication

    Caregivers can face overwhelming physical, financial, and emotional demands as a function of their service. Read More

  • The Hardest Part of Alzheimer’s...

    The Hardest Part of Alzheimer’s...

    When finally I got the courage to Google the word Alzheimer’s, it felt like I was giving her the disease, not researching it. I read Alzheimer’s has no cure. Read More

  • Caring For Those Choosing To Live At Risk

    Caring For Those Choosing To Live At Risk

    According to some experts, self-neglect is becoming increasingly prevalent and requires greater understanding as a social and medical problem. Read More

  • What You Need to Know When it Matters

    What You Need to Know When it Matters

    Everyone should know what to look for, and how to ask and respond to someone who may be at risk of suicide. Every life is precious. Read More

  • The Waiting Game

    The Waiting Game

    Waiting for treatment has become a defining characteristic of Canadian health care. Read More

  • Cranberry Juice Can Stave Off Infections

    Cranberry Juice Can Stave Off Infections

    It was discovered that the rate of UTIs decreased by 40 per cent among the cranberry drinkers, with just 39 diagnoses compared with 67 in the placebo group. Read More

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