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Nurturing boys to be better men

By Dr. Shelly Flais 

This is an evidence based book that’s full of conversation starting questions, age-based suggestions for books to read and movies to watch and discuss along with tips for addressing specific hurdles like division of physical and emotional labour. Flais, who is a paediatrician, uses relatable stories from her own family and patients. She argues that gender equality should be an ongoing dialogue.

American Academy of Pediatrics

The Art of Conscious Conversations: Transforming How We Talk, Listen, and Interact

By Chuck Wisner

We live in conversations like fish live in water—we’re in them all the time, so we don’t think about them much. As a result, we often find ourselves stuck in cyclical patterns of unproductive behaviours. This book is a practical guide for thoughtfully reflecting on conversations so we can avoid the common pitfalls that cause our relationships and work to go sideways.

Berrett-Koehler Publishers


You, Your Child and Arthritis – 6th edition

By Arthritis Society Canada

Many incorrectly think that arthritis is just a disease for the elderly. With stats telling us that three in 1000 Canadian youngsters living with juvenile arthritis, it becomes more common than most chronic childhood disease. While there is no cure, this guide will review diagnosis, treatment, therapies and medications suggesting that children who are well-monitored and follow the recommended treatments have the best outcomes overall and have bright, active futures.

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