Color & Control:

Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

Thumbs up…to the federal government and anti-hate advocates for launching a virtual toolkit aimed at confronting and preventing hate in Canadian schools. The toolkit dives into hate-promoting movements and ideologies, the role social media plays in luring youth, digital literacy skills, and suggests approaches for parents and educators who spot harmful scenarios inside and outside the classroom.
Source: The Star 

Thumbs down…to more than half of people in Canada who don’t know what consent means. Only 45% of respondents surveyed knew that both ‘positive and ongoing participation’ are required from another person in order to make a sexual activity consensual.
Source: Canadian Women’s Foundation

Thumbs up…to a Dutch supermarket for introducing a unique slow checkout lane to serve lonely seniors who want to have a chat. The grocery chain “Jumbo”, hopes that these “chat checkouts” will help shoppers feel less isolated in their golden years.
Source: My Modern Met

Thumbs up…to Apple  for launching an emergency system for people who can’t access cell service. The tech giant says its new iPhone14’s Emergency SOS system will connect to a satellite even in the most remote locations.
Source: Toronto Star

Thumbs down…to our national breast cancer screening guidelines which still don’t recognize individuals at high risk.
Source: Winnipeg Sun

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