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Blind spot sensors for wheelchairs

Tight spaces, crowded areas and doorways are some of the more difficult places to navigate.  Watch this new video about Blaze Mobility’s blind spot sensors on the AGE-WELL NCE YouTube channel.

Dancing for cognition and exercise

Rehabilitation and geriatric medicine specialists at McMaster University have developed GERAS DANCE (Dancing for Cognition and Exercise) a standardized program for older adults with early cognitive and mobility issues.

After only three months, participants showed improvements in the areas of balance, walking speed, and lower extremity strength. They also showed some initial improvements in cognitive function. Participants reported making new friendships and connecting with others outside of classes.

Digital memory augmentation

Hippocamera is a memory augmentation technology that aides in the recall and storage. It features novel methods to tag and replay recorded moments for rich reliving of experiences when memories become weaker and it is more difficult to chain related memories together. Hippocamera aims not only to boost memory for single events, but to reinforce autobiographical relationships between meaningfully-connected people and events.


Did you know?

15% of individuals over the age of 65 (564,000 Canadians) are currently living with dementia.  By 2031, it is expected that 937,000 people will be afflicted. It is the nation’s most expensive condition, costing $33 billion annually (a figure set to rise to $293 billion by 2040).Worldwide, nearly 44 million people have Alzheimer’s or a related dementia.



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