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Tover Magic Table

Promising to harness “the power of purposeful play” through its interactive light projector, this is a gaming system designed for people with dementia and intellectual disabilities. It works via a projector mounted to the ceiling above a table where gamers sit and interact with a variety of moving projections. The games are designed to stimulate brain activity and connection. Geared towards assisted living facilities, Tover offers 24/7 support.  The unit retails for $11,600, which includes a 2 year unlimited subscription service.

Deep Optics 32ºN adaptive focus sunglasses

Offering a convenient alternative between switching back and forth from sunglasses to reading glasses to everyday glasses, these sunglasses adapt their focus with a simple touch. Swipe your finger across the frames’ temple piece and the lens adjusts your prescription thanks to its pixelated liquid crystal layers that have a built-in processor. 

The accompanying app can make modifications to the magnification, and even test your vision to see if your prescription might need tweaking. Available in four frame colors, the sunglasses cost $499 and are now available for preorder.

Dignity Lifts WL1 toilet lift/washlet

This toilet lift is recommended for in home use. A dignified way to prevent falls and avoid a move to the next level of care.

Esper Hand

Connected to a software platform called ML, Esper boasts enhanced control and a broad range of functions, such as gripping objects, opening bottles, tearing sachets, spraying bottles and much more. Remote insights and prediction algorithms allow the hand to gain abilities over time.

Eargo 6 hearing aids

Responding to current events, Eargo 6’s “Mask Mode” helps to negate the muffling effect that mask-wearing causes. A blessing for the hard of hearing. The Eargo 6 costs $2,950.

Whill Model Fi

So much more than a power wheelchair, Fi’s decidedly futuristic design is lightweight, foldable and can be driven and locked remotely. Adjusts to 21.9 inches to fit in the narrowest of spaces. The width between armrests can be set to either 16 or 28 inches. Fi will be available in spring of 2022 for $2,899.

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