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The secret to better rural healthcare

Studies show that paying doctors to visit rural areas has been shown to be a cost-effective way to mitigate cardiologist shortages. However, “windshield” time (2 – 3 hours of driving time a day), is not just a lost opportunity to see patients but there is the additional cost of mileage and other vehicle expenses. Use of foreign doctors and Tele-health were also considered.
Source: Journal of Marketing

App to overcome tinnitus

The MindEar smartphone app includes training and education on tinnitus as well as sound therapy to help patients better manage debilitation symptoms in just weeks. Tinnitus is said to affect one in four with no current cure.
Source: Frontiers in Audiology and Otology

Barbie movie adds unique accessibility option

When the blockbuster movie becomes available on streaming app Max it will be complete with a special option to view it accompanied by American Sign Language. Let’s hope other apps follow suit.
Source: Disability Scoop

Your own doctor’s better

Virtual care with an outside physician has been shown to be less effective than with your own doctor. Results from a Canadian study showed that patients not seen by their own doctors were: 66% more likely to end up in the Emergency Room, 25% more likely to visit a different doctor within 7 days and 88% more likely to require another virtual visit. 
Source: JAMA

Cli-fi helps ease eco anxiety

Stressed about climate change? Write about it. Evidence that the simple awareness of climate change can weigh on us but those who write climate fiction (cli-fi) claim that the actual act of writing helps alleviate their climate anxiety. Indeed, reading and writing cli-fi has been touted as one of the ways to save the world. After all, many climate themed novels end with hope, re-imagining the future, and may even lead to the reader, (or the writer), re-considering their relationship with the natural world.
Source: The Conversation

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