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Reducing Mortality Rates in Trauma Cases

With over 10,000 surgeries performed in his career, many of which were in traumatic cases, Dr. Rezendo Neto is passionate about patient care and improving outcomes for his patients.

As a trauma surgeon at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto and previous work in both the United States and Brazil, he has seen many very challenging cases where mortality rates are high and often result in death due to significant blood loss. In particular, Dr. Neto has had extensive exposure to patients with penetrating cardiac injuries, particularly during his time in Brazil, where
incidents of this nature are much more prevalent.

These cases and his experience in trauma centres, have led Dr. Neto to look for innovative ways to improve his procedures and the devices to assist both himself and other surgeons. His recent creation of the “heart plug” medical device is a result of this process. The plug is specifically designed to allow the attending surgeon to gain control and stop the bleed in penetrating heart injuries without impacting his or her patient’s overall heart function.

Through testing and laboratory validation, Dr. Neto’s invention not only drastically improves patient survival rates and reduces blood loss, but the use of it in trauma cases has also been shown to positively impact recovery times and outcomes.

Now that the heart plug’s design is perfected, Neto and his co-founder, Inventorr M.D. Inc., are ready to commercialize the device in an effort to save lives and provide better patient care.

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