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A Roundup of Research

A selection of current research and discovery in the medical field.

The Vaccine-Friendly Plan

Paul Thomas, M.D., presents a new protocol to building immunity—one that limits a child’s exposure to aluminum, mercury and other neurotoxins, while building overall good health. Thomas provides readers with recommendations for a healthy pregnancy and childbirth, as well as vital information about what to expect at every well-child visit from birth through adolescence.

Medical Symptoms: A Visual Guide

This head-to-toe visual diagnostic guide is an invaluable health-check reference for home use. Fully illustrated and with clear, concise descriptions throughout, Medical Symptoms: A Visual Guide will help identify suspected conditions or injuries based on symptoms you may be experiencing. All conditions are given a symbol rating to indicate the appropriate form of medical help needed, and potentially life-threatening situations or ailments that require immediate medical advice are clearly flagged.

Redefining Retirement For Nurses

After devoting years of your professional career to providing direct care, administrative work, or research and education… what comes next? Authors Joanne Evans and Patricia Tabloski share 26 real-world experiences of former nurses who have found meaning in the various paths they chose after retiring from full-time nursing positions. Whether considering a “second career,” volunteer opportunities, travel, or relaxing at home with family and friends, this book will provide the advice and tools you need for creating new life balance and opportunities in retirement after nursing.

Pulling Together: A Coach’s Journey to Uncover the Mindset of True Potential

Former Canadian Olympic rower Jason Dorland is now an elite level coach. His coaching style is unorthodox but yields extraordinary outcomes. By creating an emotionally safe environment for his athletes, they feel free to fail yet ultimately achieve success beyond their wildest dreams. Pulling Together reflects on Dorland’s coaching philosophy, the lessons his sport has taught him, and how those lessons can be applied both on and off the playing field.

Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction (CCSA)

Created by an Act of Parliament in 1988, CCSA is Canada’s only agency with a legislated national mandate to reduce the harms of alcohol and other drugs. The organization collaborates with a number of partners and research associates in preparing data and resources based on the latest evidence to inform policy, practice and programs. Key priorities include: youth drug prevention; reducing alcohol and substance abuse, impaired driving and misuse of pharmaceuticals; supporting the addictions workforce; international drug policy; and improving Canada’s treatment system.

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