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Top 10 Nursing Priorities

New book calls on nurses to have a clear, united voice to be part of the healthcare solution.

rccm-nurse1New book calls on nurses to have a clear, united voice to be part of the healthcare solution.

Focusing on the obstacles nurses face and challenging long-held beliefs that have stymied progress in the profession, authors Susan Hassmiller and Jennifer Mensik surveyed more than

50 national and international nurse leaders to determine the most pressing issues in the profession today. From that feedback, they compiled a list of top 10 priorities.

The Power of Ten (2nd Edition) illuminates these top 10 prioritiesrccm-nurse2 through essays, action items, discussion points, and data. This broad exploration of topics positions nurses to boldly continue the conversation and set the stage for the future of nursing.

Building off of the Culture of Health movement—a movement to improve the health and wellbeing of everyone in America—Hassmiller and Mensik include priorities such as educational reform, academic progression, diversity, interprofessional collaboration, systems thinking, voice of nursing, global stewardship, practice authority, delivery of care, and professional handoff.

According to Mensik, her hope is that everyone reads this book and takes one action item from it that they feel passionate about and help to make that change occur. If nurses want to be part of the healthcare solution, says Hassmiller, they need to be able to  articulate the important issues.

“Nurses, the largest group of health professionals—and rated the highest on honesty and ethical standards in Gallup polls—must play a prominent role in collaborating with others to address the health needs of this country,” Hassmiller and Mensik said. “Nurses need to speak with a unified voice that underscores the importance of creating healthy societies at community, state, national, and global levels.”

Editor’s note: The authors royalties from The Power of Ten will be donated to American Red Cross nursing programs and the American Nurses Foundation.

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