November 11, 2017 Beatles Tribute

The concert will raise much-needed funds for caregiving programs run by both organizations in support of families who have loved ones of any age living with disabilities or Alzheimer’s disease.

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Reducing Bullying

More than a fifth children aged 12–18 years say they have been bullied at school within the last month—and a significant portion of those children have disabilities.

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Slip Sliding Away!

Join the Canadian Abilities Foundation in helping two great disability organizations “Make the Leap” to the next level!

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Patients get frustrated and sometimes doctor-shop or seek out the advice of other healthcare practitioners.

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End-of-life Challenges

In his final year, my father lived in a long-term care facility in which he had a small but cozy room filled with mementos and some of the furniture from his previous home.

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Resident-to-Resident Aggression

Surprisingly, the issue of resident-to-resident aggression has been vastly under-researched. Preliminary reports on the available Canadian data suggest that resident-to-resident aggression makes up one-third of all reported incidents across long-term care facilities. For instance, data obtained through the Access to Information Act of Canada found there were nearly 23,500 reported incidents in Canadian long-term care homes in 2011. Of those cases, 6,445 (28%) were classified as aggressive acts occurring between residents.

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