Loss of Life Transition

Psychologists at Work Helping People Rediscover Meaning There are many transitions over the lifespan. Some transitions are unplanned for and are more complex to navigate such as divorce or career loss. The death of a critical figure in our life can also be a turning point. For many, the loss is one of the most […]

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Completing the Circle

Previous research suggests that cultural barriers can discourage ethnic minority patients from using services based on a palliative care philosophy.

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Research Roundup

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Digital Humanitarians

Medical Makers is a groundbreaking global community of 150 innovators, patients and healthcare providers in over 10 countries.

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The Rehabilitative Practice

Here are the stories of four spiritual care practitioners who have made the transition from an acute care setting and developed a model of care specific to the rehabilitation population.

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Multiple Sclerosis

“Our trial is the first to show the complete, long-term suppression of all inflammatory activity in people with MS,” said Dr. Atkins.

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Work-Related Limitations

A study published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine in early 2017 examined differences between women and men with respect to their work-activity limitations.

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