Digital Humanitarians

Medical Makers is a groundbreaking global community of 150 innovators, patients and healthcare providers in over 10 countries.

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The Rehabilitative Practice

Here are the stories of four spiritual care practitioners who have made the transition from an acute care setting and developed a model of care specific to the rehabilitation population.

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Multiple Sclerosis

“Our trial is the first to show the complete, long-term suppression of all inflammatory activity in people with MS,” said Dr. Atkins.

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Work-Related Limitations

A study published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine in early 2017 examined differences between women and men with respect to their work-activity limitations.

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Reducing Bullying

More than a fifth children aged 12–18 years say they have been bullied at school within the last month—and a significant portion of those children have disabilities.

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Paediatric Study

In an age of busy schedules and multiple demands on family time, kids’ mental well-being is a top concern of Canadian parents.

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