Living/Working with Epilepsy

It all began with what Nancy’s friends described as the occasional ‘fit.’ But as time progressed, her incidents became more frequent over the period of a few months.

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Workplace Health

According to Statistics Canada, less than half of Canadians with disabilities are employed—much lower than the employment rate of those without a disability (74 per cent).

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Getting Your Ducks in a Row…

Retirement comes not as a welcome reward after a career of dedicated service, but as a fearful venture into a void. It is viewed as something to postpone indefinitely, if not avoid altogether.

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Corporate Wellness

Employee wellness programs have one simple goal: To provide employees with services to improve their well-being.

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Chronic Conditions…

Chronic conditions on disability after a work-related injury is the focus of two studies by Institute for Work & Health (IWH) Scientist Dr. Peter Smith.

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