Smoking and older adults-01

Smoking and Older Adults

“I’ve been doing it for so long it’s hardly worth the effort, and my doctor recently said that other than a touch of bronchitis I’m fine.”

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Dementia care- a national dementia strategy for Canada-01

Dementia Care

This is a watershed moment in our history. Canada is recognized as a world leader in dementia research. It now has a real opportunity to position itself as a leader in dementia care.

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The Driving and Dementia Toolkit-01

The Driving and Dementia Toolkit

Driving a car is a complex task that requires many skills and abilities, including a good understanding of road safety rules, road signs and traffic signals; good vision; and quick reflexes and excellent reaction times. A good memory and the ability to exercise judgement, including an awareness of one’s limitations, are key.

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Preparing For Retirement?

I have had many conversations with retirees and have witnessed the potential and real trials and tribulations of those who have unpreparedly retired.

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Clowning Around

Helen Donnelly is Holland Bloorview’s Dr. Flap—a therapeutic clown in a trademark aviator hat with goggles, a white medical coat and a red nose.

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Living/Working with Epilepsy

It all began with what Nancy’s friends described as the occasional ‘fit.’ But as time progressed, her incidents became more frequent over the period of a few months.

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Workplace Health

According to Statistics Canada, less than half of Canadians with disabilities are employed—much lower than the employment rate of those without a disability (74 per cent).

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